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In the absence of a safe and inclusive culture, we can only go so far.

In 2012, I joined the Tesla Web team. In the years since, our little small team that could has gone on to create some incredible digital features, including a customized Web experience geared toward a worldwide audience — www.teslamotors.com — that supports the company's mission: accelerating the transition to sustainable energy for all.

Currently, we need to scale our team for what lies ahead, and I have the privilege of being part of that process. The team is based out of Palo Alto, but it has a global reach.

We want to thank all of the job seekers for their incredible interest in pursuing a career at Tesla.

Having individuals who share the team's values and can push the team to the next level technically is critical, but it is only one aspect of building a healthy, sustainable and inclusive team.

In addition to finding talented and creative engineers who can wrangle code and design the unthinkable, I look for candidates who exemplify other skills, notably the softer-skills; such as compassion, inclusion and a desire to continuously learn. Consciousness about others' well-being, ideas, experiences and life journeys is something I also value in people.

Tesla's mission cannot be sustained without an inclusive and diverse work environment; by extension, people need to be able to freely share their ideas, experiment safely and suggest improvements without feeling retaliated against or glossed over.

I'm striving to help build a world-class, inclusive and innovative team - a team and culture I am proud to be part of every day and continuously improve.

If you'd like to join our team and are looking for a new challenge, feel free to reach out to learn more about the team and roles.