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I'm Manny, a creative technologist and heart-driven, people-centric leader who supports diverse teams to thrive sustainably. I operate from a place of compassion, possibility and imagination. Fostering inclusive communities, empowering one another, and creating a sustainable and equitable world is central to my work and efforts.

I lead product for the Tesla Design System with a bias for inclusion, empowerment, clarity and doing what's right, which are underpinned by trust and safety. I have the honor of working with a small, yet mighty team of engineers, designers and cross-functional contributors who are passionate, dedicated and talented.

Additionally, I am the global executive vice president of Tesla's Latino employee resource group, as well as a presenter and organizer of Tesla's frontend meetups. Besides that, I co-lead the Tesla JavaScript working group, which identifies, develops, and provides scalable, standards-based solutions to teams across the company. Fun fact: I contributed my first code to Tesla back in 2012. Since then, it's been a humbling honor to help build out high-performing, diverse teams and contribute to and guide Tesla's product ecosystem, which has impacted the digital experiences of millions of people around the world.

As a kid, I washed dishes, cleaned floors and bussed tables. Combined with my humble, community-centric influences in Mexico and the US, this early service work shaped the way I follow, collaborate and lead today.

I believe in speaking my truth in thoughtful and compassionate ways and supporting others in doing the same; I leverage my opportunities and privileges in different areas of my life to help remove barriers-of-entry, advocate for educational access and empower people.

My biggest joy in life is my incredible hija (daughter) ❤️

I usually have my drone and camera in tow, ready to capture current events and the surrounding world 👆🏽👇🏽

View all of photography and videography at mannys.photos 📸 🎥 I'm available for hire, including pro-bono work for community-centered efforts on a limited budget, simply drop me a note.

Every person involved in the product development process needs to understand how their products undoubtedly reinforce and create norms, both directly and indirectly. Because of this, it's critical to consider, and possibly question, our biases and assumptions throughout the entire design process, including societal power dynamics at-play. Taking this approach can help us, as technologists, strive to build better products that are accessible, safe and inclusive.

@mannybreno @uxdesigncc @SelfDefinedApp Gracias por el apoyo y ayudarnos con el proyecto, Manny! 💙

Manny is an exceptional communicator and he keeps all business partners and developers on the same page with proper expectations. Manny is adaptable and a leader. This combination enables him to effectively navigate his team and business partners through evolving business requirements.

Manny's the most reliable person I have worked with at Tesla – delivering high quality results with speed.

ProductReliableExceptionalLeadershipCommunicationBusiness Partnerships

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Partnering and collaborating with Manny as not only a peer and colleague but also as the Executive Vice President of Latinos at Tesla (LAT) to drive inclusion and culture at Tesla has been one of the most rewarding journey's that I have been able to share with him. His creativity, problem solving, data and analytical skills truly played a role as we scaled up this ERG while creating best practices which are now being used by other employee resource groups at Tesla as they amplify and engage employees. Through his achievements we have been able to increase our membership by 346% which has been record breaking!

Manny's ability to think through scenarios and problems analytically has truly influenced the way we have approached ERG's. Not only is the impact within the Latino community but it has also impacted how everything that is being done ties back to the business, the goal and the mission.

One of the many talents that also has been of great value in our leadership team is his ability to elevate our members to be strong leaders through one on one coaching as needed, and constantly being accessible to help others put a plan in place to help drive professional development goals. Through this approach we have seen a lot of internal growth within our members.

Manny is great at planning and is very result-driven. He maintains a positive attitude and develops a motivating environment for the whole team.

AttitudeTeam CultureLeadershipProductDesign

Manny has always proven to be a competent leader. Always willing to lead the pack from the front and push for the best in himself and others.

Lead by ExampleDesign SystemsEngineeringPartnership

Manny has been an excellent engineering partner. His tenacity and constant positivity has had an incredible impact to the product and the team. Manny consistently goes above and beyond the requests made of him. He's dedicated to his work. I would gladly have him on any team that I work on.

LeadershipPartnershipDedicationUser ExperienceEngineeringProduct

I have had the pleasure of partnering and collaborating with Manny on multiple executive level projects in relation to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives for the Latinos at Tesla employee resource group. He was a pillar of seasoned experience for his Vice President role, always communicated effectively, and was personable with everyone, which made working alongside him enjoyable. Manny’s professionalism and ability to find innovative ways to tackle projects and solve problems made him someone that I could consistently depend on, and a colleague whom I could always lean on for advice and guidance.


After knowing Manny professionally for over a year and working closely with him on a high-impact dev project, I'd vouch for his impact on productivity and morale without thought. He leads effectively and transparently, empowering those involved and keeping everyone on track. Few tasks would be beneath or impossible to him; his intellect and experience come in rare combination with great humility and empathy.

If you want a team member who leads by example, enables others, drives progress and has great LOTR jokes, look to Manny.

TransparencyEmpowermentLead by ExampleEmpathyHumilityLeadershipProductCollaboration

Manny is an exceptional Product Manager & Engineer, tons of the Design System wouldn't be still standing if it weren't for his hard work and dedication through the chaos.

Even among other PM's, Manny's head and shoulders above, and kept more plates in the air with grace and skill than I would have ever thought possible.

As an engineer he's as solid as they come, no problem he can't solve, all with his characteristic good humor & deep experience.

HumorLeadershipDedicationDesign SystemProduct & Engineering

Manny's technical capacity for software development is unquestioned, but what really sets him apart is his empathy and his personal approach to work where he specializes in harvesting a team energy unrivaled in the IT world as far as i'm concerned.

Manny's great at organizing the troops and getting all stakeholders involved in a way that's conducive to great results.

Team LeaderSoftware EngineeringTeamworkEmpathy

Manny has played a key role in developing financial solution tools for Tesla's online experience, taking requests to turn complex, customizable calculators and credit applications and developing them into simple user-interfaces with the Tesla look and feel.

Manny's extremely efficient with his time and I trusted him as my "go-to" whenever i needed urgent bug fixes or needed advice on developing a new finance tool.

Working with Manny is a pleasure. He has an excellent technical background and excels as a project and product manager. He is a fantastic team player who can take any product to a new level of vision and fulfillment. Manny engages with people, serves as their voice, brings out the best ideas, and does everything in his ability to ensure the success of his team and project.

Project ManagementProduct ManagementLeadershipTeam PlayerVisionSuccess

I've had the pleasure to work with Manny before and after he became a Manager at Tesla.

Manny distinguishes for his outstanding communication skills, his unparalleled work ethic and his always positive attitude in adversity all this on top of being an expert at his craft.

AttitudeAdversityCommunicationPeople LeaderTeamworkEngineeringManagement

I have had the pleasure to work with Manny in various projects at Tesla, starting when we first met in Amsterdam when he was here to help establish efficient web processes for the team. Manny's one of the strongest all-round developers and team leads I have worked with. Super organized, strong coach and very helpful.

Manny is the first point of contact for many various topics on our web team. He successfully juggles and delivers a lot of projects and tasks at the same time and never leaves one behind. I have all just positive feedback and strong heartedly believe he would be a huge value and asset to any team.

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Tesla's Success is Linked to Remote Work

Remote work has played an instrumental role in Tesla's success. Long-term, taking away team empowerment on this matter only hurts the company.

Frontend Meetup Series is Back 👋🏽

After a brief hiatus, our Frontend Meetup Series is back starting with a follow-up on the popular Next.js talk from last year.

CSS Open Props

Open Source CSS variables that help accelerate adaptive and consistent design.

What Just Happened?

Ouch, our web team just got decimated. Tesla's blanket return-to-office policy is reckless, cruel and threatens people's livelihoods.

Mission: Impact

The Tesla Design System (TDS), supports multidisciplinary teams at Tesla to innovate, deliver and shine at-scale.


Get a glimpse of how to access the Tesla Design System (TDS) CSS Props from the browser console.

Remix 💿 in the House

Tesla's Frontend Meetup Series was proud to host Kent C. Dodds to talk about Remix, a framework for building better websites.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

A national day dedicated to inspire and empower middle school girls, non-binary and gender queer students to pursue a career in engineering.

Contributing to Vercel

Spent some time contributing to Vercel and Next.js 12.1 docs.

Let's Have a PEP Talk

The People in your community make it all worthwhile and make it all possible.

Images with DALL-E

OpenAI's latest publication shows how a neural network can generate images from text. Bananas!

SpaceX Open Source API

A community-driven Open Source REST API for SpaceX launch related data.

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@Clarity_conf meet April 🐔❤️ #PetsOfClarity #Clarity2022
@Clarity_conf meet April 🐔❤️ 

#PetsOfClarity #Clarity2022 https://t.co/nUB8MzM9oY
Accelerating the world toward sustainable energy has many players and communities behind the scenes. One of those being the collective open source ecosystem. OSS peeps across the globe: thank you for doing what you do to propel innovation and collaboration 💚
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Smooth scrolling on your web app/site in just a few lines of CSS code 👇🏼
Smooth scrolling on your web app/site in just a few lines of CSS code 👇🏼 https://t.co/sFKZqk3KUc
@mannybreno @dubdotsh @radix_ui @stitchesjs Thanks Manny!
@UNRScience peeps reached out a bit ago asking if some of my urban & nature pics could be used to visually complement some of their stories in this year's issue of Discovery, which highlights the symbiosis between science and optimism-yeah! Excellent issue & stories throughout💯
@UNRScience peeps reached out a bit ago asking if some of my urban & nature pics could be used to visually complement some of their stories in this year's issue of Discovery, which highlights the symbiosis between science and optimism-yeah!

Excellent issue & stories throughout💯 https://t.co/qZvhyywiuE@UNRScience peeps reached out a bit ago asking if some of my urban & nature pics could be used to visually complement some of their stories in this year's issue of Discovery, which highlights the symbiosis between science and optimism-yeah!

Excellent issue & stories throughout💯 https://t.co/qZvhyywiuE@UNRScience peeps reached out a bit ago asking if some of my urban & nature pics could be used to visually complement some of their stories in this year's issue of Discovery, which highlights the symbiosis between science and optimism-yeah!

Excellent issue & stories throughout💯 https://t.co/qZvhyywiuE
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lovely day for exploring🌲
lovely day for exploring🌲 https://t.co/Hxps3P2E3Q
@supernova_io and @Clarity_conf - gracias for the sweet Lego set and other schwag y’all! (from me and April 🐓) #PetsOfClarity #DesignSystems
@supernova_io and @Clarity_conf - gracias for the sweet Lego set and other schwag y’all! (from me and April 🐓)

#PetsOfClarity #DesignSystems https://t.co/4BFE7Q4iYR
The aim of education should be to train happy individuals who make up a peaceful society. It requires warm-heartedness and taking a broad-minded, holistic and far-sighted approach that enables people to cope, whatever happens. It entails focussing on the good of the community.