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Excited to share our ERG's new brand with the Tesla community and general public.

As part of our recent all-member meeting, I and the rest of the executive team were excited to share our revamped brand for Latinos at Tesla after months of collaborative work behind the scenes, including various moodboard iterations.

Latino at Tesla Brand with Hummingbird

We drew inspiration from leaders like Alyssa, Brandi, Janneth, Matilde, Sarah, Diana, María, Laurentino, Miroslava including all of our members of Latinos at Tesla and their respective, diverse cultures throughout Latin America.

Our executive group — Christina, Yared, Rick, Vidal and myself – brainstormed with Hyemin and Mikolaj from our internal content team for months to come up with the final, striking design, which aims to capture Latinas and Latinos' inclusivity, progression, heritage and fierceness.

We'll be using the new LAT brand on our website, social media, recruitment events and more. I hope the new brand resonates with our current and future members, as well as others in the wider Tesla community and general public.

¡Adelante y Juntos Podemos! ✊🏽