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A visual showcase of the neighborhood's diversity and vibrancy, along with stories and items that are significant to families.

My talented buddy Erik Burke and I began a collaborative community mural project this month. I grew up in the area where the mural is located, so it's extra special to me!

Angle of the mural wall before starting the projectNeighborhood teenager talking with Erik about the mural: Heirloom

This mural, which we're calling Heirloom, reflects the items selected by the neighbors who contributed to it and that have importance to them and their families. This mural was intentionally color-coded to reflect the diversity of people, ideas and walks of life in this part of town.

So far, we have a picture of a neighbor's father and John Wayne, when his father was overseas and John Wayne was visiting troops. There's a picture of Thorny, the bull who grazed behind the wall (I remember Thorny from my early morning walks to Hug High School on Sutro). In addition to pictures, we have ideas shared verbally by children and adults. There's a lot to work with!

Photo of a neighbor's father while in the Service, overseas on duty, with John WayneA segment of the mural painted with Thorny, the bull

After years of paint being applied to cover up tags, we scraped it off before Erik could paint. I suspect, based on personal experience, that folks in the community will have a personal connection to the mural, which should help deter taggers in the future.

The mural has received positive comments from a lot of passersby in addition to the support and assistance from the neighborhood and the wall's owners; the high foot traffic is not surprising during this summer heat since the Reno Rodeo — held across the street — is currently underway, followed by Artown in July.

Wide angle view of the nearly complete muralA woman from the neighborhood next to the artist Erik Burke

Come by and check out the mural: it's located at the corner of Winston Drive and Wells Ave in the #BiggestLittleCity, Nevada.