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After a brief hiatus, our Frontend Meetup Series is back starting with a follow-up on the popular Next.js talk from last year.

A wide range of players and communities are involved in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy. The Open Source ecosystem is among them. So, OSS peeps worldwide: I appreciate what y'all do to inspire innovation and collaboration.

A special opportunity of my career at Tesla, has been being able to foster on-going collaboration and partnership opportunities, both within and outside of the company. That's why, I’m excited to share that we’re back with our Frontend Meetup Series, and we’re kicking things off with a follow-up on the popular Next.js talk from last year.

Tesla Frontend Meetup

I am also delighted to welcome back Lee Robinson, VP of Developer Experience at Vercel, to this meetup.

Accelerating the world toward sustainable energy has many players and communities behind the scenes. One of those being the collective open source ecosystem. OSS peeps across the globe: thank you for doing what you do to propel innovation and collaboration πŸ’š

If you're curious what we've been doing with Next.js, checkout our Energy Configurators.

Tip: Curious what other areas we might have using Next.js? View the source code of any page and look for _next as a giveaway that it's using Next.js (or not).