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Blog: Tour de Nez 20th Anniversary + Art Show at the Hub

Manny Becerra as a child

July 2012

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Northern Nevada’s Premier Cycling Event: the Tour de Nez.

“This all started out 20 years ago as a party [at the Deux Gros Nez] that we thought we’d add a bike race to, and now it’s an international event with a great cult following.” - Tim Healion, Executive Director TDN

20th Anniversary Logo for the Tour de Nez. Created by Sheryl Chapman.

I'll be helping out as this year as the Tour's digital and media director, where we'll be live streaming the event for the first time to a worldwide audience.

Event Details

  • When & Where: July 27-29, Downtown Reno, NV
  • What: Racing and festivities for everyone from the pro racer to the fun-loving spectator
  • Visit the Tour's website and Facebook page for further details

Artshow: TDN Artwork Over the Years

20th Tour de Nez Artshow Banner

Leading up to the event, we're collaborating with our friend, Mark Trujillo of Hub Coffee Roasters, alongside our other dear friend and local artist, Kelly Peyton, in holding an art show. The art show will exhibit the Tour de Nez's 20th Anniversary race poster, created by Kelly, and the various posters and art memorabilia from over the years created by Sheryl Chapman and others. The show begins this month (July), so go on by and check it out by visiting the Hub located at 32 Cheney St in Midtown Reno.

"It's just going to be crazy, goofy fun. Playing outside is what it’s all about around here and cycling is certainly one of the biggies." - Tim Healion

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to get involved as a volunteer.


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