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Blog: Expanding the Web Team in Amsterdam, EU

Manny Becerra as a child

July 2014

Recently, we started the effort toward scaling our Web team, not just in numbers, but in geographical location. As a part of this growth, I've spent some of this summer in Amsterdam, which is Tesla's HQ in the European Union.

It's been an exciting venture, to say the least, filled with meeting some of my colleagues from other teams in-person for the very first time, interviewing candidates that would be based out of Amsterdam, and dialing in our processes so our EU team as syncronized as humanly possible with us back home in North America.

Tesla Showroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands, European Union. Circa 2014.

It's also been a joy to explore Amsterdam. It's a relatively easy-peasy to place to walk, bike or take a tram, or a combination of all three. to get to work or wherever.

Tesla Showroom in Amsterdam, EU. Circa 2014.
Canal in Amsterdam, EU. Circa 2014.

There's lot to see, great food, and wonderful people from all parts of the world. Some of my colleagues have taken me out where there is even a pretty legit Mexican restaurant -- I know, right?!

Tesla Showroom in Amsterdam, EU. Circa 2014.
Canal in Amsterdam, EU. Circa 2014.

Amsterdam, I look forward to returning in the future with more time to take in all you have to offer and visiting neighboring countries as well.



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