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Blog: Speaker Invite - Family Priorities

Manny Becerra as a child

September 2017

Recently, I was contacted by an individual that is regarded as a leader in Northern Nevada. I have respect for the tech work he and his company do in the region: Nevada and California, even abroad, which is why it was both an honor to be asked by him, and somewhat of a dissappointment that I turned down his request to be a speaker for an upcoming talk with a collective of other leaders in the community on the topics and trends of digital product, design and marketing.

When speaking engagement requests work out, it's great; however, I have no regrets in turning down a speaking opportunity when plans with family have already been made. #FamilyFirst

When these speaking engagements work out, it's great; however, I have no regrets in turning down this speaking opportunity as I already made special plans to take my sweet daughter on a roadtrip to explore the incredible outdoors together during the same time period as the speaking event. And, nothing beats seeing my kiddo's big smile when we're together exploring the world side-by-side.

I welcome requests for future speaking engagements, particularly on the topics of education, STEM, inclusive design and technology, marketing, team dynamics and leadership. Please connect with me if you are interested in future work together.


I am human, a father, and a problem solver: a tech and people leader with a passion and proven track-record in building and leading compassionate, productive teams—remote and on-site—within a continuous learning culture. My teams and I champion usable, inclusive digital products and online experiences. My work, passion and intentions also intersect with advising small businesses and political campaigns, life-long learning, outdoor advocacy, community building, and uplifting others. Learn more about Manny