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Blog: Café Capello - Reno's Newest Family-owned Coffee Shop

Manny Becerra as a child

July 2019

My good friend John and I recently rode our bikes over to Café Capello where the old Java Jungle joint was previously located in Downtown Reno alongside the Truckee River (1st & Arlington). Capello's is family-owned and is spearheaded by a friend of ours, Brendan Capello.

John ordering an espresso from Brandan Capello, owner of Capello's
Front view of Café Capello's with my and John's bike parked out front

Capello's offers a variety of drinks from straight-up coffee, espresso drinks, to loose leaf teas, hot chocolate, chai and quite a bit more. Besides great drinks and having a full-on kitchen that allows him to offer folks some delicious, freshly made food, Capello's is also host to the Holland Project Satellite Gallery.

If you don't know Brendan, but he seems familiar to you, dont' be surprised: Brendan has been a rockstar barista around town working at such places like the Hub.

We're super proud of Brendan and team, and plan to visit his joint regularly. You should too! I also salute Matt Polley, owner of Java Jungle, for being a pioneer in the coffee and community scene in Reno since back-in-the-day. You'll still be able to find his Jungle Bar lounge next door to Capello's.


Manny Becerra as a child

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