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Blog: Shifting Toward Operations and Outreach

Manny Becerra as a child

November 2016

The last few months, I've had the opportunity to shift more of my focus and responsibiliies toward a new cross-functional, operational leadership role at Tesla. I'll continue to help lead efforts in the system and software front as well, particularly while we gear up for Model 3 production. This opportunity is particularly exciting to me, because it's based out of my hometown community in Northern Nevada at the Gigafactory and includes outreach work. It's been a natural, supplementary progression from when I first started back in 2012.

Within this new scope of responsibilities, I've been able to leverage all of the lessons learned, in addition to use my acquired institutional knowledge from over the last four years at Tesla to further drive our collective effort toward achieving our mission. Like everything at Tesla, it's been a rewarding challenge thus far—a challenge that deserves excellence.

More to come.



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