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Blog: Nina. First Few Weeks. ❤️

Manny Becerra as a child

October 2015

It's official: Nina is underway with her third week in this joyous adventure called Life. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to be her Papa, there aren't enough words to describe these wonderful emotions. It seems like yesterday I was just looking at the sonogram and preparing for her arrival.

Nina and papa (Manny) resting
Upclose photo of Nina in Papa's (Manny's) arms sleeping

Nina is doing great so far - she's getting plenty of rest, is very curious of the "big" world around her, taking in the various Spanish I speak to her with little laughs of joy, and seemingly good bowel movement 💩, however, I'm taking Nina to her first doctor appointment this week to see how she's progressing and doing from the pediatrician's lens. I'm looking forward to it, and, of course, to the continued, life-long adventure I have with my marvelous hija.



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