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Blog: Nevada State Climate Strategy

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December 2020

Climate justice calls—demands!—we transition to renewable energy (sooner than later). Earier this week, the Nevada Climate Initiative (NCI), under Gov. Sisolak's administration, released the State Climate Strategy to, and as they put it, "help advance Nevada-wide climate action."

The voices of the most vulnerable to climate change must be heard and acted upon.


A welcomed initial step forward

As we, over at the Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter, have previously stated, "The climate crisis is here. Without swift action, it will further threaten the health and livelihoods of Nevadans."

That's why the state climate strategy is a very much welcomed and initial step toward addressing the impact of climate change in Nevada. The strategy is comprised of bold ideas and acknowledges the adverse effects of climate change—especially to frontline communities—if no action is taken. It's refreshing to have climate change be prioritized by policy makers, particularly to have it be prioritized directly by leadership at the top, the Governor.

We cannot continue to have conversations about climate issues without considering and making climate justice a priority — Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter

More to do... with an environmental & climate justice lens

While the NCI and others have worked hard at putting this strategy together, there's more work to be done in ensuring that a bold strategy, like the State Climate Strategy, is executed on in a timely manner with an unwavering, climate and environmental justice lens; it’s essential that tangible solutions come to communities that have felt the hardest impacts in terms of poor air quality, urban heat, high energy burden & disproportionate levels of health impacts.


Omissions & opportunities

Climate justice is informed by science, responds to science and acknowledges the need for equitable stewardship of the world’s resources. — Principles of Climate Justice

There's a lot to read through in the current version of the climate strategy, however, so far I haven't come across anything that mentions rooftop solar, even though there's a goal of getting the state to net-zero; nor is there direct mention of how systemic inequalities are perpetuated by not addressing root causes of climate change, so these blatant omissions are deeply concerning. It's important that a net-zero future in Nevada is one that ensures all individuals and families have access to sustainable energy solutions for their homes and day-to-day lives.

My hope is that this strategy is a living document which evolves over time, and helps address inequalities at their core which influence the creation of equitable policies for ensuring everyone in our state's communities, regardless of zip code, are protected and prioritized.


Individual passenger travel is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions & air pollution in Nevada. Transitioning away from this type of travel & toward public transportation & carbon neutral transportation (walking, biking) is key for climate stability in NV — Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter

To all the individuals and organizers out there working behind the scenes that have helped influence this strategy, and to the Governor and his administration for listening to people: thank you. Let's keep it going! 💯


Manny Becerra as a child

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