No Justice. No Peace. #BlackLivesMatter Project Management Tool

Manny Becerra as a child

July 2019

When it comes to project management, there are some serious contendors in this ecosystem, however, one tool and team I've been keeping an eye on and even trying is Monday, specifically,

A bit of history and purpose

Monday isn't entirely new, they sprang out of Wix almost 7-years ago or so. For me, Monday has become a handy tool to help me and co-workers organize projects, create timelines, even setup automated workflows for critical events. For instance, if a project item is updated or a deadline is nearing, you and your team can configure your Monday project to trigger (send) an email so a wider or specific audience is notified, or a broadcast can even be made to another service, like Slack.

Just the other day, Monday raised a $150M Series-D round, which only shows how serious they are and how far they've come since being an inside project within Wix.

If you haven't come across Monday, check them out, I think you'll like what they're doing and may find their tool helpful with whatever small-or-big project you and your coworkers are wrangling. At least, it's another viable option to what else is out there. The Monday team has some pretty decent tutorials to help folks get familiar with the tool right away.


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