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Blog: Increasing Security for Your App & User Data with Magic Links

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April 2020

Straight-up: data security and user management is hard. And, techniques for how to decrypt hashed data are getting more-and-more sophisticated each year—each day!

Please welcome: Magic Links

This is why I am particularly excited about magic links. Magic links are, effectively, a temporary...wait for, that expires after usage, or after a specific amount of time has passed. They can be used to authenticate someone into your website or app. In a decentralized service model, the hard stuff in magic links—data security and management—is handled by a 3rd-party team that specializes in this one area, which allows you and your team to focus on improving other areas of your core product.

Getting started

Where can one get started in leveraging magic links for user authentication? Check out Magic made by the folks over at Fortmatic. The team behind Magic is the who's-who of cybersecurity from various shops. Magic has a pretty easy setup guide @ They even include some sample projects for various, popular frameworks, like, Next.js, which I use for most of my projects, including my own personal site.

I'm definitely going to see about leveraging magic links and the Magic software development kit (SDK) in future projects, and see about updating my own login UX accordingly.

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Manny Becerra as a child

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