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Manny Becerra as a child

March 2020

Free Kids Meals for Students Amidst an Outbreak

My friends over at Laughing Planet (LP) are offering free kids meals to students on meal assistance programs during school closures amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

At Laughing Planet we have three major pillars: sustainability, community, and health and wellness.

Qualifying for a free kids meal

As far as how students show they qualify for meal assistance, LP is using the honor system. No need to make things more difficult and stressful than they already are, especially for something crucial like having a warm meal. Swing on by one of their locations in Reno, and their staff will take care of you. #PeopleFirst.


University Neighborhood


We work on sustainability to keep Earth in shape, community to make Earth a better place, and health and wellness to keep this wonderful planet, with all of its vibrant life, healthy!

Humankind. Be Both.

Social Distancing ala Curbside Service

Laughing Planet is also offering curbside service to help with social distancing. Visit covid19.laughingplanet.blog for more information.


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