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Blog: Hub Coffee Roasters

Manny Becerra as a child

October 2011

This year has been jam-packed with great work and collaboration opportunities. One particular project and partnership I've been wanting to take a moment to highlight is that with the team over at Hub Coffee Roasters, aka: The Hub.

Hub Coffee Roaster's Logo

About the Hub

The Hub was founded by my friend, Mark Trujillo, and his two kids, Joey and Jessica, back in 2009. The Hub remains family-owned and operated. The currently one-shop venture is located in an old, tiny garage in the up-and-coming Midtown District of Reno at 32 Cheney St.

What we're working on

I've been working with Mark and team on everything from Web design, development, social media engagement, illustration, videography, and logo design, to community building; effectively, helping take their vision and connect the dots with other like-minded folks that not only want a good espresso, but also a sense of comraderie. I believe that this — community — is exactly what's being achieved by the entire Hub team, and continues to be enhanced over time.

In order to execute on this work with creative collaboration at the forefront, I enlist the help and talented services of my independent co-workers at 720, like Kelly Peyton.

Roasting, art, and the road ahead

Mark is currently roasting out of Tutto Ferro's warehouse, in a dedicated, out-of-the-way little corner, with what I jokingly call, "a little roaster that can" machine. I make a point to share this, because, Mark, Joey, Jessica and their few employees are all scrappy, ambitious, knowledgeable and a blast to work with.

If you're also in to art, whether it be photography or oil-on-canvas, for example, the little tiny garage at 32 Cheney is also an art gallery venue. The gallery program is still young, and the team is always looking for artists from all walks-of-life interested in showcasing their work, especially local talent. If that's you, drop me a line.

Look out Reno: The Hub is going to be big in the years to come and I'm grateful to be a part of the ride early on in helping them tell and enhance their story.

Let's work together

If you're looking to hire some creative services for your next project, product or business in 2012, I'd love to hear from you and explore possibilities to work together in the New Year.

PS - In a future post, I'll see about publishing some notable pictures of The Hub's journey so far.

Manny Becerra as a child

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