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Blog:35-Years Ago, The Deux Gros Nez Opened

Manny Becerra as a child

June 2020

35-years ago, in mid-June of 1985, the Deux Gros Nez (DGN) opened its doors for the first time. A lot of great ideas, friendships and community came out of what is arguably the most famous restaurant in Reno for people who don’t live here.

It's common to come across a restaurateur in Northern Nevada that either worked at the Deux or frequented it, and in either case, was inspired by what my good friends, Tim Healion and John Jesse pioneered there.

Though the Deux is now closed, the legend continues as do the online searches for it including the incredible recipes. As a 35-year tribute, and because my friends lost their original .com domain, I secured for them and published a simple landing page for them and anyone else looking for the good ol' DGN logo, The House Rules and a note or two from Mrs. Walley.

Tim & John, thank you for what you've helped to create in our community for nearly 4-decades, and that which you continue to do and inspire, my friends. The spirit of community, friendship and fun of the Deux Gros Nez lives on.



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