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Blog: Casa De Mi Abuela

Manny Becerra as a child

December 2013

This is my grandmother's home in Mexico. It is where and around, by which, my mom and her siblings were raised. It is where family meals were made, shared and enjoyed with one another, including passersby. Where rest and sleep was taken. Where plants were grown and nurtured. Where birds were fed. Where goats and cattle were raised and milked. Where dreams came true.

Thank You Card Cover Art

Barriga llena, corazón contento. (Full stomach, happy heart.) — Mexican saying

It is also where I and my siblings were raised; where traditions continued. Where we were never short of having a full meal, even if that meant having beans, eggs and tortillas. And, of course, fresh salsita. My abuela was a compassionate person who worked hard and smart to take her family — my mom and her siblings — from having no permanent home, to having the opportunity to live the Dream, and, by extension, instill in us the same compassionate, work ethic.

Muchas gracias Abuela. Y muchas gracias mamá por todo también.


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