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About Me: The Gist

Manny Becerra as a child

¡Hola 👋🏼!

Mi nombre es Manny. I am a first generation Mexican-American; a proud son of Mexican immigrants, and a proud father. Thanks for swinging by to learn more about me, and my professional passions and personal joys.

Experience, Leadership & Empowerment

TL;DR - I'm a problem solver; I'm effective and have fun doing this in a collaborative manner. I've written code and created accessible-friendly, digital experiences for small-to-large, innovative shops, like Tesla. I'm currently a technology executive and product, user experience leader in the big data, machine learning B2B SaaS space. I build and lead high-performing, empathetic teams (onsite and remote) by trusting and empowering them. I value life-long learning and cultivate inclusive, diverse workplaces accordingly.

I'm a tested and proven leader in technology and team culture with a compassionate, growth mindset championing accessible and inclusive workspaces and digital user experiences. I recruit, on-board, lead, and mentor happy, productive and empathetic cross-functional teams — for onsite, distributed (remote) and hybrid structures — within a continuous learning culture.

I have a reputation with coworkers and stakeholders of being team-oriented and influencing across an organization in getting things done collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

I also support and collaborate with non-profit organizations and small businesses in creating vibrant, safe, and sustainable communities.

I am conscious about what and where I place my focus on for maximizing my efforts toward helping solve real-world problems.

Over the span of my professional career, I've also had the pleasure of being an educator, entrepreneur, community space founder, an organizer and activist for social, racial and environmental justice; however, my aspirations and experiences are not positional. Being a "founder", “director”, or an “organizer” in some specific way isn’t the end game for me, or a badge of hubris to wear, although I take humble pride in my work; they're experiences that I carry forward to the next opportunity to contribute to meaningful, interdependent work and equitable relationships.

In the grand scheme, we're all a part of the same tribe: Human, each trying to live and do our best in this temporary galaxy ride we call Life, so empathetic, compassionate, and interdependent collaboration and cooperation is something I deeply value and practice with the teams I work with and the projects I work on.

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Personal Commitments and Joys

Speaking your truth

I believe in speaking my truth in thoughtful and compassionate ways and supporting everyone in doing the same, particularly people of color and other marginalized groups. I leverage my opportunities and privileges in different areas of my life to lift-up and empower people.

Important joys

I enjoy and value a number of things, people and activities, like:

My biggest joy is being a father to my incredible daughter, Nina.

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On Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

I am optimistic about the challenges ahead of us, along with the rewards, with the advent of AI/ML. I am also realistically concerned if we don't collectively take proactive steps to prepare for the far reaching impacts AI/ML has on society, such as on individual relevance, economic and social (in)justice, and workforce displacement. There are individuals, groups and other initiatives, like OpenAI, AI Now Institute, Andrew Ng's Deep Learning AI, Meredith Whittaker, and Andrew Yang that are making concious efforts in helping society understand and conscientiously respond to the inevitable transition toward an AI, and generally speaking, automated-leaning society. Check out their work!

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Guidance and empathy

I value the on-going guidance of my loving parents and extended family, both in the US and those in Mexico, along with my close friends and selected mentors.

I make a conscious effort to surround myself with people that will push me to continuously learn and grow, with the idea that, I too, am reciprocating the favor in others' constructive self-improvement and growth process.

As I child, I was fortunate enough to have had a range of women and men of color that modeled the importance of compassion, understanding and extending a support base to everyone, as the norm. In looking back at this further, this intentional approach I was taught early on, and have carried with me through adulthood seems to align with what folks refer to as empathy in one form or another. For my siblings, parents and the hard-working immigrant families I grew up with-and-around, we simply knew our acts as doing the right thing, and paying-it-forward to others whenever we could, even if in small ways.


I make a conscious effort to surround myself with people that will push me to continuously learn and grow, with the idea that, I too, am reciprocating the favor in others' constructive self-improvement and growth process.

If you would like to connect with me, feel free to reach out through Twitter-landia, LinkedIn, or even, good ol' fashion email.



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